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The mission of NEWMAN CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY is to help students grow in their faith through spiritual, social and community outreach programs. We do this through helping each other deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church which he founded Newman Catholic Campus Ministry was established at Montclair State University in 1950.

After years of steady growth, in 1967, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark purchased the Newman Catholic Center and assigned a full-time Priest-Chaplain, Fr. Tom Davis as Chaplain and Director. From its earliest days, the “Newman group” has had a partnership between the Archdiocese and the University with the mutual goal of assisting the growth and development of the students.

In recent years Newman Catholic Campus Ministry has been recognized as one of the largest, most active organizations by the Student Government Association – first being upgraded from a Class III organization to a Class II organization in 2008.  Then after the requisite 4 years of sustained growth, cooperation with various groups on campus and being a recognized leader on campus, where we were named “Organization of the Year” in 2011; led the MSU Relay for Life raising the most funds of any single organization three years in a row.  In 2012, Newman Catholics was upgraded once again to become a Class I Organization of the SGA at Montclair State University for the upcoming  – the first religious organization ever to receive this status, and one of the first organizations in over 5 years to have moved from a Class II to a Class I status.

We are grateful for the support of the Archdiocese of Newark; Montclair State University’s offices of Student Life and Development, the Dean of Students office; the Center for Student Involvement; the Council (and Center) for Faith and Spirituality and most especially the Student Government Association of Montclair State University.

​We hope this website gives you a glimpse into our Love for Jesus Christ and His Church and how that relationship calls us to spread His Message, His Love on our campus by being “here for you.”

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