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Bible Studies

Every week, there are multiple opportunities to join in a Bible Study that is led by either one of our FOCUS missionaries or a student leader.  Men’s and Women’s bible studies are being added and scheduled at students convenience.  Whether you’ve been involved in the past or never done so before, you’re welcome!


We ask that you simply contact one of our missionaries for information:

For Men’s Bible Studies

For Men’s Bible Studies: 

Josh Abando | FOCUS Missionary

Mondays at 8pm - Student Center (athlete)

David Arena | FOCUS Missionary

Tuesdays at 1pm - Catacombs - Newman Center 

Wednesdays at 12pm - Catacombs - Newman Center

Patrick Horvat | Student 

Wednesdays at 7pm - Catacombs - Newman Center 

For Women’s Bible Studies

For Women’s Bible Studies: 

Alyssa Siefring | FOCUS Missionary

Mondays at 8:15pm - Catacombs -  Newman Center 

Thursdays - 7:00pm- JPII

(567) 644-9247

Emily Fentress | FOCUS Missionary

Mondays at 8:15pm - JPII

Wednesdays at 4:00 pm - JPII

Brienna Malamug | Student 

Thursdays - 6:30pm - Catacombs - Newman Center

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