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A Home Away From Home

For every house is built by someone, but the builder

of all things is God - Hebrews 3: 4

Dear Friends of Newman Catholic:

Summer 2024 is shaping up to be one of significant change here. For over 17 years, Mary Kominsky has been more than just an “office manager” at Newman Catholic, as any of our students, past or present, would attest. Recently, one of the Vice Presidents and the Dean of Students from Montclair State University organized a surprise retirement celebration for Mary. It was deeply moving to hear members of the university community speak about the profound impact Mary has had on the students. They expressed how her presence at the Newman Center helped to transform it into a “home away from home” and how she was like a ‘Mom’ to so many of them. These were things already known to me and our students, past and present, would readily attest to it. What struck me in a particularly new way was realizing how unique Mary’s impact was on campus. While every Newman Center aims to reach out to students to help form the ‘next generation of Catholics,’ not many of my fellow Chaplains and Directors could imagine having such a strong relationship with administrators, staff, and faculty. Not every Newman Center creates this “home away from home” environment. This isn’t something that just happens or can easily be replicated. It’s the result of the Lord God working in the lives of many people in various ways - from the dedication of someone like Mary to the faithful chaplains, campus ministers, staff, and missionaries who have served on campus since 1950. This includes the individuals who enabled the Archdiocese to purchase the first 100+ year old house in 1967 and the second one in 2014. Our students arrive here from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and religious beliefs, and encounter Jesus Christ in a profound way. Through us, they hear His invitation to “come and follow me,” respond, and make this place their own. It’s also through the incredible generosity of countless individuals over the years who have supported us, enabling us to care for the needs of all who come through our doors and continue reaching out to more people. Through our collective efforts, we see how the Lord has made this place His House, His Home. While experiencing change, especially with departures and new arrivals can be jarring, we’re surrounded by reminders of how the blessings of the Lord are never-ending and are constantly renewed. This place is a testimony to that truth. Your contributions are pivotal in helping us sustain the nurturing environment that the Newman Center provides. We appreciate your consideration of our mission and if you wish to support us, we would be truly grateful for any financial gift you can offer. Your generosity will enable us to continue our outreach and provide a welcoming “home away from home” and enable future generations to encounter Jesus Christ and experience His love for them here.

Sincerely in Christ -

Father Jim Chern,

Chaplain & Director

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Checks please make out to “NEWMAN CATHOLIC CENTER” and

return in the enclosed envelope

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